Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crime, smog, traffic and graffiti and all they have to show for it is their crappy newspaper

One in a series that takes a look at bad journalism going down at the L.A. Times.

An L.A. Times column here by Hector Tobar recounts the on-going battle between car drivers and bicyclists over the roads of Los Angeles. It is dated July 15 and we first read it yesterday at the L.A. Times website.

However, when we went back to it this morning as we wanted to share what we thought was the money paragraph, said paragraph had appeared to be scrubbed from the article.

Here's the missing paragraph:

The new law allows cyclists to sue in civil court and collect up to three times their damages, plus attorney's fees. Ross Hirsch, a lawyer who helped craft the law, said the potential for high compensation will make attorneys more likely to take on cyclists as clients.
(italics, ours)

What do you all think? Did the L.A. Times think that Mr. Tobar was letting on a bit too much? Did they think that perhaps Mr. Tobar exposed the unseemly truth that it is indeed the foxes that are watching the hen house up there in L.A?

The L.A. Times evidently thinks it's better to keep the masses in the dark regarding the sad and sorry truth.


Chris said...

I am a cyclist and a resident of LA County (not LA city proper). The way the local media and municipal governments coddle cyclists turns my stomach. I ride a bicycle for exercise and recreation. I drive a car to work and do my shopping. Put another way: my car contributes much more to the economy and governments' coffers than my bike. Yet, for some reason, there is an attempt up here to raise the status of cyclists, apparently now above that of everyone not traveling by two wheels. We have all been buzzed by cars and had curse words hurled at us. Flip them the bird or mutter under your breath and get over it. Don't take them to court because your feelings were hurt. (Physical harm caused by a motorist is a different story, and the law already covers that.)

As to the Times' behavior, this should surprise no one. Both Tobar's original text and the Times' post-publication editing. The recent call to cancel my subscription was pure comedy and something I had been looking forward to for a long time.

Thankfully, I return home to San Diego Monday after a long, dark decade up here.

Dean said...

Chris, great perspective. Thanks for swinging by and chiming in. Please stop by again.

SarahB said...

Minority rule. I'm emailing you the best picture.

Harrison said...

Nice catch.