Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great moments in the history of California statism

We've got one of the nation's highest unemployment rates, the ruling class in Sacramento is banking on $11 billion that is magically going to appear out of nowhere to help close the state's budget gap and this same ruling class intends on driving more jobs out of California with job-killing AB 32-sanctioned environmental regulations yet a regulatory agency sees fit to harrass and exact financial pain upon a private concern because it believes another regulatory agency is getting into its rice bowl.

The California Coastal Commission has threatened to fine the Flower Hill mall up to $15,000 per day unless it immediately stops construction on its recently approved expansion.

But the mall’s attorney said work will continue on the Flower Hill Promenade’s remodel, which includes a Whole Foods Market, offices and retail space.

The mall, just east of Interstate 5 on Via de la Valle, is technically in San Diego, but borders Solana Beach and is advertised as being in Del Mar. The San Diego City Council unanimously approved the expansion in April after six years of proposals and community comment.

The Coastal Commission has argued in letters to the city dating to 2006 that it’s the proper agency to issue the development permits.
(italics, ours)

Wait, what?

The California Coastal Commission?

Folks, this mall is nearly a mile and a half from water's edge (map here).
That the California Coastal Commission is that far from the, you know, coast, let alone east of I-5 and attempting to throw its weight around tells you all you really need to know about the completely dysfunctional state of California at this time.


K T Cat said...

Whoa, dude, it's blue-on-blue action! The Coastal Commission vs. Whole Foods! Grab some popcorn and watch!

wcv said...

Au contraire, KT.

Whole Foods is a right-wing plot to separate limousine liberals from their money.

CEO John Mackey is a libertarian hero, unafraid to speak out against the regime.

Dean said...

Mackey is indeed a breath of fresh air out there in the political jungle.