Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Captain Elliott's Party Boats (cont.)

Though slowing down, rumors of waiver-mania's demise have been greatly exaggerated. We are approaching that nice, big round number of 1,500 and as we get more and more into the thick of the presidential election grind, it may be time to shut down this albatross of a political pain-in-the-rear.

The Obama administration granted 39 waivers from part of the President’s health care law last month, bringing the total to 1,471, an announcement which is prompting one Republican Senator to introduce legislation that would allow all Americans to apply for a waiver.

Wyoming Republican John Barrasso said today that he plans to introduce a bill next week that “will deliver choice to Americans who want to get the care they need, from the doctor they want, at a price they can afford” by allowing all Americans to apply for a waiver from the president’s health care law.

On the transparency front, the Department of Health and Human Services has even bothered to update the waiver list since early this year as said list reflects merely half the total of actual waiver recipients.

We are being told that companies and unions! now have until Sept. 22 to apply for a coverage limit waiver but we'll believe that when we see it as the waiver train was originally supposed to shut down in December of last year.

We'll keep you posted with any late breaking developments on this front.


Anonymous said...

i will bet you one shiny nickel that the 22 Sept. date itself comes with a waiver.

Dean said...

I'm not going to take that bet.

SarahB said...

Should we start a pool on which committee will kill the bill by Barrasso?