Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quotes of the day

See if you can detect a theme in 3 separate quotes in the past 24 hrs. regarding the G.O.P. and the debt ceiling negotiations

First up, Tina Brown:

BROWN: I think frankly the president would have no credibility if he did not demand some –

BUCHANAN: He’s going to demand it, but he’s not going to get it.

BRZEZINSKI: How is that — so I think the, what was the answer to my question that who the hostage take is, Willie [Geist]?

GEIST: Sounds like Pat’s boys. Pat’s boys are holding the hostage.

BROWN: I think they’re the suicide bombers in all of this.


Up next, Chrissy Matthews:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Tuesday it was scary that Republicans like Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) were willing to “not face the warning signs” about raising the federal debt ceiling and take the United States “right of the cliff.”

His guest, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), noted that it was a misconception that raising the debt ceiling would permit Congress to spend more.

“All we are doing is making good on the spending that has already occurred,” she said. “It’s like they bought a new car and don’t want to make the payments.”

Later speaking with’s Joan Walsh, Matthews said that the Republican’s plan to hold the debt ceiling “hostage” until Democrats agreed to budget cuts was “terrorism.”

And lastly, President Obama at his goofy Twitter conference earlier today:

"Never in our history has the United States defaulted on its debt," President Obama said Wednesday during his Twitter town hall. "The debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the American people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners or oil and gas companies that are making billions of dollars because the price of gasoline has gone up so high. I mean, I'm happy to have those debates. I think the American people are on my side on this.

Again, with the corporate jet owners. Are they drinking slurpees, also?

You know, we probably shouldn't have emphasized portions of those quotes but it probably would've been way to difficult to pick out the theme common to the 3 quotes, dontcha think?

Good lord. We realize the need for talking points but could these people have paced themselves a bit instead of tripping all over themselves right after the 4th of July weekend to hone in their "messaging".

And in the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting earlier this year, who was held responsible by the political class and their paid hacks in the media for her near-death experience because of over-heated and violent rhetoric? Oh, that's right. Right-wing talk radio. Glad we remembered that.


K T Cat said...

This hostage-taking is racist.

smc500 said...

A school teacher, a member of the Tea Party, and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookies, then looks at the Tea Partier and says "Watch out for that teacher-she wants a piece of your cookie! -Thomas Joyce

Ha ha. Thought you'd enjoy, Dean

Dean said...

As long as she doesn't want a piece of something else. ;) Hey, Sherry!