Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crime, traffic, smog and no NFL and all they have to show for it is their crappy bankrupt newspaper

An occasional look-in to see what the L.A. Times is up to.

In analyzing the unfortunate closure of a BMW parts distribution warehouse in Ontario, the Times business writer Michael Hiltizik would have you believe that BMW was quartering troops in its employees home or something.

On Monday, the Fourth of July, Americans will gather to celebrate the overthrow of tyranny. But the ease with which we allow corporate employers to impoverish their loyal workers should make us pause under the fireworks and think about how over the ensuing 235 years we've simply substituted one set of tyrants for another, the new ones immeasurably more heartless and bloodthirsty than the ones we shed.

Maybe Hiltzik has a point regarding the $3.6 billion loan BMW received from the U.S. tax payers back in 2008 as justification for keeping the warehouse open.

But doesn't this thought only reveal the larger narrative of the dangers of these defacto public-private partnerships where the government levies commands to privately-held interests with respect to their own business practices?

The irony of Hiltzik bemoaning the oppression of tyrannical corporations unopposed by a government he sees as unwilling to impose it's own dictations upon those corporations is not lost on us.

Crony capitalism, economic fascism and picking winners and losers at its finest, baby!

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