Friday, July 8, 2011

If 10 is a bad idea can't wait to see what happens with 15

Congress finally put a stop to the ethanol boondoggle but apparently that memo didn't get to the EPA which has, wait for it... granted a waiver for the sale of E-15.

In January, the EPA issued a waiver that allowed E15 (gasoline with a 15 percent ethanol blend) to be sold for vehicles with model years 2001 and later. This decision was made at the behest of the ethanol industry, but it will come at the expense of American drivers.

While the EPA deemed E15 environmentally safe for models produced after 2001, this higher blend of gas could seriously damage cars. Don’t take my word for it, just ask those who built them.

I sent letters to the major U.S. automakers to investigate how E15 would affect people’s cars. The response was startling. Overwhelmingly , I received complaints that E15 would void warranties, damage engines, and lower fuel efficiency. To date, I have received twelve responses, and all twelve oppose the EPA’s waiver.

Just a reminder, gang: we gave billions in subsidies to a "green" energy industry who's product has a production carbon footprint larger than that of gasoline's, is more expensive to produce than gasoline, does not yield the same energy output as gasoline, makes food more expensive and is most/very likely to shorten the life span of the equipment it is powering.

That's right: Ethanol. The absolute worst energy idea of all time and the EPA doubles down by permitting the production of E-15.


Jonapope said...

Another example of government efficiency. I'm just shocked at how the rule makers in Washington are completley disconnected with reality. In addition to this story you report on, the EPA has also released their new rules that will increase the price of energy. It's ridiculous.

K T Cat said...

I think they should mandate that we feed out engines nothing but raw corn cobs. Of course, we'd have to clean up after them with brooms, dustpans and big buckets, but I know it would work because we've done it before.

Long, long ago.