Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Our blog bud Harrison over at Capitol Commentary was opining on the #Occupy Wall Street movement and its followers, here which prompted the following comment from "Jack":

I think they want the opposite of chaos and anarchy. They want a world in which “bad stuff” doesn’t happen to people. The idea of chaos and anarchy is frightening to them, which makes it all the more ironic because their actions lead to chaos and anarchy.

Sure, they want a world without consequences, but I think it’s a bit more nuanced than the way you’re looking at it. Instead of removing the consequences, they want to remove anything that would cause the consequences to happen.

I’m a pretty reasonable guy, but I whole heartedly believe that if they could, every one of those fools would prefer a world in which people were not able to make bad decisions. What they don’t understand about freedom and liberty, things that they say are important to them, is that you have to take the good with the bad. Liberty doesn’t exist if you’re rendered incapable of making bad decisions.

Jack makes a great point: a lot of the #OWS pose as anarchists or revolutionaries to establish street cred, we suppose, but at heart, they are collectivists who are clamoring for government redistribution schemes. Far from being revolutionaries or even reformers, they are clamoring for more of the statist status quo... more regulations that will only be gamed by the Wall Street "fat cats" that will only worsen the situation.

And as far as accomplishing some of the "demands" of #OWS such as forgiving student debt, banning foreclosures and making having a job a "right", how is that accomplished but through a totalitarian regime that involuntarily confiscates the wealth/private property of others?

We could be wrong but that seems to be the way things are trending out on the street with #OWS. And either they don't quite realize what it will take to accomplish their demands or they are down with the concept of a thuggish federal government that will "spread the wealth around".

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