Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video clip of the day went down to lower Manhattan last week to check out the Occupy Wall Street protests and this is what they saw.

We've been kind of rough on the OWS crowd and perhaps unfairly so as though we sympathise with over-arching complaint of corporatism/crony capitalism (something that we have railed against in full throat on these pages) that is the coin of the realm here in America currently, we see a generally anti-free market/anti-capitalism and, at times, authoritarian values system that informs the movement and that will, of course, draw our suspicion and ire as warranted.

Labor unions and the Democratic Party will attempt to co-opt the movement but as the video shows, what cogent message is there to co-opt? And as far as the establishment Democrats are concerned, who cares? as long as a lap dog media gives it heavy rotation and allows it to become a distraction from the failed statist/cronyist policies of a failed administration.


K T Cat said...

I would bet that interviewing street protestors in Buenos Aires in the early 40s would have resulted the same thing.

This has all been done before.

B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for that, very informative. There was a lot of legitimacy to some of their complaints, mixed in with tomfoolery about free education and the like.

Love the guy who said, "when corporation lose, they should just lose." No more bailouts, yeah, something we can all get behind.