Monday, October 17, 2011

Never let a distraction go to waste

From The Financial Times:

Barack Obama, US president, offered more support for protesters against the global financial system after a weekend of demonstrations in cities around the world, but called on them not to “demonise” those who worked on Wall Street.

On Sunday, Mr Obama honoured Martin Luther King at a dedication to a new memorial on National Mall in Washington. Referring to protests that have spread from Wall Street to London, Rome and elsewhere, Mr Obama said: “Dr King would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonising those who work there.” Mr Obama had previously said the protests “express the frustration” of ordinary Americans with the financial sector.


The man who voted for TARP, raised gobs of money from Wall St. for his 2008 election campaign, pushed through the $800 billion Porkulus which was nothing but a bailout of state and local governments as well as political payback to his union pals and who also oversaw the bailouts of Chrysler and General Motors and has turned his green jobs program into a cronyist adventure... this man, the Cronyist-in-Chief is attempting to co-opt this movement.

Of course, he is.

When one has a scant record of accomplishments upon which to run for re-election, one is left with attempting to ride the coattails of a broad and generally incoherent movement whose general dissatisfaction is aimed (we think) at policies and actions largely of Obama's own doing.

In rational world, this move would backfire but a compliant media will give scant coverage to fringe elements such as the Nazi and Communist party's endorsements and the inevitable anti-semitism that always... always seems to lay right beneath the surface of these types of movements. (ed. note: the difference in the media coverage of the tea party vs. OWS speaks volumes with respect to the ideological bent and integrity of said media)

A friendly message to the OWS crowd: If we don't see a more forceful and focused pushback against the failed statism and cronyism of this administration that has done a great deal to create the conditions you are protesting against, we will only be left to believe that you are being entirely hypocritical and willing to be used as tools for the (P)resident's re-election efforts and ultimately the continuation of the policies and status quo you claim to be railing against.

P.S. Wonder how Martin Luther King would feel about being thrown into bed with Nazis?

(UPDATE #1): Awwwww.... anti-capitalist OWSers selling OWS t-shirts on Google.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Wonder how Martin Luther King would feel about being thrown into bed with Nazis?..exactly!..what a sham!