Friday, October 14, 2011

Constitutional republics are, like, hard

Remember when they told us if we voted for John McCain back in 2008 it would mean just 4 more years of shredding the Constitution, ignoring the separation of powers and ruling from the Oval Office by fiat? Well, they were right.

Here's the President talking about how he will get Congress to fund his jobs bill (aka Porkulus Pt. II) himself.

We're not going to wait for Congress. So, my instructions to Jeff and Gene to Valerie and all the advisors sitting around the table is to scour this (jobs) report and identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional Congressional authorization.

You know, if we didn't know any better, it sounded like the President was ready, willing and able to do an end-around Congress' constitutionally-mandated authority to spend federal money. But as a Constitutional scholar he knows this and probably just chose his words poorly.

Then again, Jesse Jackson Jr. seems to take the President at his word:

Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that congressional opposition to the American Jobs Act is akin to the Confederate “states in rebellion.”

Jackson called for full government employment of the 15 million unemployed and said that Obama should “declare a national emergency” and take “extra-constitutional” action “administratively” — without the approval of Congress — to tackle unemployment.

“I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past,” Jackson said. “He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”

“President Obama tends to idealize — and rightfully so — Abraham Lincoln, who looked at states in rebellion and he made a judgment that the government of the United States, while the states are in rebellion, still had an obligation to function,” Jackson told TheDC at his Capitol Hill office on Wednesday.

“On several occasions now, we’ve seen … the Congress is in rebellion, determined, as Abraham Lincoln said, to wreck or ruin at all costs. I believe … in the direct hiring of 15 million unemployed Americans at $40,000 a head, some more than $40,000, some less than $40,000 — that’s a $600 billion stimulus. It could be a five-year program. For another $104 billion, we bailout all of the states … for another $100 billion, we bailout all of the cities,” he said.

Jackson added that his $804 billion stimulus plan is the only way to solve the unemployment crisis. “I support the jobs plan. I support the president’s re-election. I support Barack Obama,” he said. “But at this hour, we need a plan that meets the size and scope of the problem to put the American people to work.”

“We’ve got to go further. I support what [Obama] does. Clearly, Republicans are not going to be for it but if the administration can handle administratively what can be done, we should pursue it. And if there are extra-constitutional opportunities that allow the president administratively to put the people to work, he should pursue every single one of them,” Jackson suggested.

It's truly breath-taking how ignorant and idiotic these people are. And scary given their positions of authority.

Forget for a moment the jobs plan Jackson is calling for is just a repeat of the spectacular failure of his original $800 jobs plan, what Jackson is essentially calling for is the effective dissolution of Congress, is he not? It certainly sounds that way to us.

And about this dysfunctionality? It's called a multi-party system and it's called sour grapes on behalf of a bunch of whiny-ass Democrats that were on the losing end of an electoral ass-kicking last November.

America had had enough of the failed statist policies of the Democrats who had a two year run of the joint in D.C. and voted with their feet to the polls and sent a group of freshman Congressmen to D.C. to hold the line against and/or roll back these same failed policies. That's what happened. It's really that simple and contrary to what ol' Triple J would have you believe, that's how things work in a constitutional republic where every two years the electorate gets a chance to "grade" the performance of those in D.C.

In reality, Jackson is showing the ultimate disdain for the voting public and the Constitution with his statements for which he should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail... electorally speaking, of course.

It's crap like this that makes it easier and easier to pay little or no attention to the Republican primaries as at this point, we'd probably even vote for Mittens if it meant unemploying the current power-mad (P)resident.

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Harrison said...

Usually the ones screaming about something getting "shredded" are the worst offenders of shedding it.