Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video clip of the day

Hey, let's check out this 60 second Herman Cain ad and see what he's got to offer:

Wait, what?

Did that dude just do what we think he did at the end of that ad? Did he just take a drag on his heater after speaking? Oh, he most certainly did and we think it's kind of awesome says our inner libertine reactionary railing against the do-gooding of an ever-pervasive nanny state. Take that, Mayor Bloomberg!

We and Max are big fans of the AMC series Mad Men and in particular their stylized yet accurate portrayals of the dress, customs, mores and mannerisms of the early/mid-sixties in which the series takes place. Unfortunately, there has been a contract dispute between the producer and AMC so they shut down production this year (contract issue has since been resolved and the show will return in 2012).

Anyway, to get our corporate America sixties fix, we considered checking out ABC's initial run of Pan Am as in what's not to like about jet-setting and leggy stewardesses (yes, we used the period-correct term, youngsters)? Found out shortly after, though, that they would not depict anyone smoking on screen. What?

So much for accurately depicting the time and place in your now-crappy little T.V. show.

And if you're scoring at home that would be: Drinking to excess? Of, course. Women in an objectified and subserviant roles? Certainly. Extra-marital sex? Absolutely. Smoking? We'll have none of that socially-aberrant behavior on ABC.

Yeah, it may be just window dressing, but Herman Cain scores points for us for having the audacity to pull that stunt considering the current demonization of smoking and smokers.


Harrison said...

Totally odd ad, I agree. Don't see the point of the smoking.

Foxfier said...

Don't forget: statutory rape is also just hunky-dory, as is smoking pot, but a cig?!?!? *eyeroll*

I like the attitude of the commercial, and I love that song! (someone over at Legal Insurrection pointed it out)

SarahB said...

Love it. It's also no accident that he's using Krista Branch's "I am America" as the theme music...and ode to his endebtedness to the tea party for an early straw poll victory at the TPP convention.

I also loved his radio ad today. Even if he's said some really rediculous things about policy, he knows marketing...and may be the only candidate who can be frank in a televised debate with Barry.

SarahB said...

Link to song:

Dean said...

Thanks, Sarah. Think something is wrong with the feed or someone hacked the link. The visual is a complete mess but at least the audio came through.

Maxed Out said...

Ummm... AWESOME!

MBaugh said...

Message - ok
Music - Great
I think the cigarette drag was a bit contrived looking don't you think?

Foxfier said...

*laughs* Actually, he looked a lot like my father-in-law smoking; part of the "get the dang smoke in so I can get back to work" crowd.

He did look a bit uncomfortable about "meeting the eyes" of the camera, though-- not unusual.