Saturday, October 22, 2011

College football Saturday round-up and open thread


Jonesy's second installment of what we hope will be a standard feature here at Beers with Demo.

Greetings and Salutations,

No major upsets happened last week last[i] and there are only a slight possibility of ones this weekend. It’s been a rare season with few memorable moments that truly stick out. Although the LSU punter getting called for taunting was pretty funny. Once again I will try to counter-act Dean’s inherent West Coast bias and provide a more fair and balanced view of college football. Without further ado, here we go:

“Location, Location, Location” -The first maxim of real estate[ii]. In the prestige rankings of college football, location consists of two factors. The first is the television station that your games are shown and the second is the day or night of the week you play. Regarding stations, I believe the following order captures the prestige of your school’s matchup.

Big Ten and SEC Network
ESPN Gameplan
FSN Affiliates
Live video over the internet.

It also matters what time of week you play. If you’re on Saturday Primetime (particularly on ABC) you are a top dog that everyone wants to watch. If you’re playing a home game on a Tuesday night, being shown on the Deuce, not so much.

I know many teams think they can get away with playing on Thursday night. They can’t. For the HOME team, this means you’re second rate. Your school doesn’t care for the alumni (if any) that travel, your students or your perception as a power program. The school is just trying to get on TV and will sell out cheap.

Remember, if you are not playing on Saturday[iv], you kinda suck. And, the earlier in the week you play, the less of a program you operate[v].

Games I’ll be Watching[viii]

USC versus Notre Dame: My three favorite teams, PSU, Temple and whoever is playing Notre Dame. So at least someone will be rooting for Lane Kiffen.

West Virginia versus Syracuse: I wish this game was being held in Morgantown so the West “Fu#&in” Virginians could unleash their feelings on the traitors from Syracuse. I’m guessing the Mountaineers open up a can of whoop-ass on the Orangemen[ix].

Auburn versus LSU: I think the Tigers will win this one. Just kidding. LSU is loaded and seeking redemption from last year’s Cam Newton inspired beat down.

PSU versus Northwestern: Another chance for PSU’s defense to prove it’s among the nation’s best. Last time these teams played at Northwestern, I got to take my beloved wife to the game while spending an extended weekend in the great city of Chicago[x].

Wisconsin versus Michigan State: If the Badgers win it will only prove they are the best team in the Big 10+2, not best among the nation. The Big 10+2 is just not that good this year.

Non Football Football Comment: With all the conference realignment taking place, there is one program that is truly getting screwed, West Virginia. The Mountaineers, an Eastern Nebraska-lite entity in football, also boast a top-flight hoops team. I really believe that if the late Senator Robert Byrd (aka “The King of Pork”) was still alive, the SEC or ACC would be forced to take them. As head of the appropriations committee, if he could build an eight lane highway across his state that goes to and from virtually nowhere, he could get them in better conference.

So that’s all I’ve got. Please feel free to comment, praise, or argue as you wish. And enjoy this week’s games.

[i] None that I can recall, it’s been a rather boring season with none of the major unbeatens falling.

[ii] I should know this since we just took a huge beating when selling our home. Our location wasn’t prime, nor located in a time before the housing bust.

[iii] Sorry Golden Domers, you’re on a 4th rate network, with a 3rd rate team, playing a 2nd rate schedule. When “The Sing-off " is your best show, your network is in trouble.

[iv] Holiday weekends like Labor Day and Thanksgiving are the exceptions.

[v] The Thursday-Friday battle is debatable. My take, at least Friday is on the weekend. I could be wrong.

[vi] The “U” is probably the most popular national program with the poorest local support. Like Miami teams.

[vii] BYU and Boise State are the kings of Friday night. Multiple games and about the only way most people will watch most of their games.

[viii] These are not necessarily the best games, only the games I care about most. Obviously the PSU-Northwestern game is only of interest to us Blue & White diehards and other masochist out there. (Different opponent, same sentiments)

[ix] About the only school angrier right now is Temple. The “T” was blocked from joining the Big Least by their suburban rivals Villanova.

[x] 3rd best city in the country. My Top 5 rankings are San Fran, Chicago, NY & San Diego and Houston. Yes, Houston. A lousy place to visit but a great place to live. (Philadelphia is obviously excluded)

* Wisconsin QB and Heisman hopeful, Russel Wilson.


Mostly Nothing said...

I would think that WV would be able to pick it's own conference. Seems strange they're out in the cold.

I don't get your best cities. I lived in Chicago, and San Diego, and 90 north of NY. I've visited SF many times. I wouldn't live in any of them. SF most of all. They are so messed up. Expensive and a nightmare to get around in, at least 4 of them. I know really nothing of Houston, so can't comment.

Dean said...

I know I'm biased but no San Diego? I've either lived or spent significant time in New York, San Fran, Seattle, Portland, Virginia Beach and Charleston. San Diego's got'em all beat.