Sunday, October 30, 2011

Constitutional republics are, like, hard

Do you remember when they told us that if we voted for McCain it would mean at least 4 more years of a Constitution-shredding, separation of powers-ignoring, imperial-style Presidency? Well, they were right.

New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel told The Daily Caller that “gridlock” in Congress has made it “necessary” for President Barack Obama to unilaterally implement mortgage refinancing and student loan programs without congressional authorization.

“I do, but I don’t want it to be interpreted that I welcome the executive branch using their powers instead of having the legislative branch do it. It’s necessary now because it’s a gridlock between the president and the United States. I hope that is just so very, very unusual,” Rangel told TheDC after a rally on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

“All these things as a veteran of the House are very, very painful, very painful; so while the president’s doing the best he can by executive order, I don’t have my list for him to go down,” he said.

In other words, it's cool if it's our guy doing it.

And this notion of "gridlock" is, of course, entirely politically-motivated if not entirely false as there have been 15 jobs-related bills that have been passed in the Republican-held House but have been left to languish in the Democratic-held Senate in addition to 3 separate free trade agreements with Columbia, South Korea and Panama that have been signed into law by the President in recent weeks.

The Democrats are attempting to pawn off on the Republicans the two years where they held both chambers of Congress and the White House and which resulted only in failed statist policies which stagnated economic growth and killed jobs. November of 2010 was a referendum on these policies and America spoke-out strongly against them giving the opposition party control of the House so in a sense who Rangel is really blaming for this "gridlock" is the American voting public.

Nice strategy, Chuck. Let's see how that works.

Don't fall for the "gridlock" or "dysfunctional" schtick. The system is working as intended and cries to the contrary are merely political whining.

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