Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Friday evening dump

(one in a weekly series intended to shine some light on unsavory news being jettisoned from the White House and Capitol Hill right before the weekend)

Quickies-style because there was quite a bit of dumpage.

Whoa… time out a minute. They’re not getting out of it this easily. What Joe Wilson’s outburst may have lacked in comportment appears, none the less, to have moved the needle with respect to ensuring illegals are not covered under Obamacare. We imagine illegal immigrant activists in their fight for justice and the fair treatment of illegals are relieved by this turn of events. Stay tuned.

Cave. Abandoning six party talks to go one-on-one with the Norks. So this is what we agreed to in order to free the two journalists from North Korea?

Our Chi-comm creditors will be very pleased to know that we are squeezing them on tires.

The outfit that advocates for the poor and uh, workers, is out of the census game so says the census bureau.

Enjoy the rest of your college football Saturday.

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Harrison said...

The tire issue may be the last time the US is able to try and stand up for itself against China. If China decided to go for broke and dump dollars it would damage their economy but kill ours. They will do it once they can get their own people to spend more money and save less.