Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting to the heart of the matter

As this long, winding summer of ass-kickings comes to a merciful conclusion, some things will inevitably fall through the cracks. This got some play but was quickly eclipsed by the President’s address to the nation’s schoolchildren and L’affaire Van Jones.

It speaks volumes, however, to despite what we have been told about healthcare reform not being about politics is precisely all about politics.

In a townhall meeting late last month sponsored by representative Jim Moran (D-VA), Howard Dean a former practicing physician gives a brutally honest answer as to why there is no tort reform in any of the current healthcare plans. You all know that the trial lawyers have the Democratic party in their back pocket but its refreshing to hear someone of Dean’s stature actually admit to it.

Perhaps, with respect to Mssrs. Dean and Biden, we have been mistaking “blunt frankness” for “gaffes”.

As something that is sorely needed, count on any mention of tort reform not being included in the President’s re-pitch of healthcare reform tomorrow evening.

Favorite this clip in the event you ever fall, hit your head and forget why it is that this current version of healthcare reform is so atrocious. Just one of the many reasons.

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Road Dawg said...

I am surprized you haven't previously blogged on this comment.

If this is the truth, then these people are cowards! (of losing their funding)