Friday, September 11, 2009

9-11-2009 (UPDATED)

6 A.M. We new something was amiss the moment we awoke. The usual frenetic pitch of the homers on the local sports talk radio who jolted us awake every morning was subdued and inquisitive.

There had been an incident at the World Trade Center. A small commuter plane appeared to have crashed into one of the towers. Not much more was known beyond that.

Shower. Head downstairs to turn on the T.V. to witness smoke billowing from one of towers. Hmmmm….. And that’s when the second one hit.

So we never forget, please go here.

And so we never forget the strength, grace and resolve for which this country has been blessed please stick around for a moment.

(UPDATE #1):We understand President Obama has declared Sept. 11 Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance. That’s cool but we’re sticking with plain ol' Patriot Day, thanks.


Harrison said...

I was asleep and when I got a call it was 10:30 EST and people already knew what was going on. Didn't the bombing of Afghanistan start that night?

Dean said...

Hmmm... Can't vouch for that. I believe we engaged the Taliban in Afghanistan in anger in November of that year.

Harrison said...

October 7th is when it started in Afghanistan.