Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taking stock of a very unsavory development

The national debate… and we say that in the most overarchingly generic of terms... is now officially pegged-out. To be precise, one-side of the debate is officially pegged-out.

In an interview yesterday Jimmy Carter told Brian Williams that an “overwhelming portion” of the animosity displayed towards Barack Obama is racist in nature.

Capt. Ed makes the point that if you believe as Carter does then you must also believe that any criticism of Israel is overwhelmingly anti-semetic. Both points follow the same logic

We plop all this squarely at Obama’s feet. (Thud) There it is champ, own it.

He’s had ample opportunity to admonish his people for the careless chucking-around of such a serious accusation but he has shown no inclination to do so which causes us only to further question whether he desires to be this country’s leader or merely a shameless pol peddling his legislative agenda at any cost.

Should we be surprised, though? We’ve seen his surrogates, water-carriers and fans in action for about a year and a half now and we know what they are capable of.

Let’s dust off an oldie but a goodie. The Obama-celebrity pledge.

“I pledge to be a servant to our President”... “I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama”

Does this sound like the type of critcal thinking that is going to respond in a logical fashion when being challenged on policy matters? Do you think that you are going to illicit anything but stuttering disbelief and possibly ear-piercing shrieks charging apostasy if you dare question the Dear Leader?

If you think we’re spending a bit too much time on this… get over it because we are at once bemused and infuriated at these developments. Bemused as we see the President’s lackeys twist themselves into fits of rage as they can no longer compete in the marketplace of ideas and are reduced to playing the card of last resort and infuriated, as the implication suggests, we are racist for merely opposing Obama’s policies.

For providing solid evidence that Cash for Clunkers is economically and environmentally dubious, we are racist. For taking a sober look at healthcare reform and concluding that while there are no actual death panels, because of the way Obamacare is wired it will tilt the playing field towards the probability of the same results and for that we are racist. And for suggesting that the President has been less-than-forthcoming about how it is he will pay for healthcare reform, we are racist.

By this logic again, when we do commend the President, are we suddenly washed clean of the sin of racism?

Unfortunately, this (race) horse is out of the barn and barring some sort of miracle it’s going to be a pretty miserable next 3-1/2 years.


Road Dawg said...

The race card..... You knew this was the "Ace in the Hole". We can complain about the "last bastion of the left" or "the loudest voice in the choir" but we all knew it would eventually raise it's ugly head.

And whose head raised the ugly card? Barney Carter as their spokeshole gives me even greater pleasure. I know lefties that run from this buffoon.

C'mon, this is great material.

Dean said...

'Dawg, we all knew it was coming... just did'nt think it would come this soon and with this volume and fury.

Road Dawg said...

More fun with the I pledge video

Harrison said...

If Bruce Willis was there I'd be down for it.

Harrison said...

Good video link except for the USSR stuff at the end.