Thursday, September 17, 2009

A model of consistency

President Barack Obama has decided to scrap plans for a U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and Poland that had deeply angered Russia, the Czech prime minister confirmed Thursday.

NATO's new chief hailed the move as "a positive step" and a Russian analyst said Obama's decision will increase the chances that Russia will cooperate more closely with the United States in the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

Color us confused. Didn’t Russia say just last week that they were pretty much out of the sanctions against Iran game? Or is this just our way of thanking Poland and the Czech Republic for their help in the War on Terror (that term is still “in”, right?)? This becomes particularly troubling considering our own intelligence reports Iran has made significant strides in developing their nukes.

Well, if nothing else, the administration has been consistent. Consistent in appeasing strongmen whether in the Western or Eastern Hemispheres. To the south, the state department continues its deplorable policy towards Honduras butting into affairs in which we have no business (got neo-con?) in order to curry favor with Hugo Chavez. And now we slap eastern European allies in the face for reasons we are not sure since Russia appears to be, at this point, sitting this one out with respect to Iran.

Stay tuned.

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