Saturday, September 12, 2009

One suggestion that might help things

We are not only more divided than ever on politics, faith and morality, but along the lines of class and ethnicity. Those who opposed Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and stood by Sgt. Crowley in the face-off with Harvard's Henry Louis Gates were called racists. But this time they did not back down. They threw the same vile word right back in the face of their accusers, and Barack Obama.

Consider but a few issues on which Americans have lately been bitterly divided: school prayer, the Ten Commandments, evolution, the death penalty, abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, affirmative action, busing, the Confederate battle flag, the Duke rape case, Terri Schiavo, Iraq, amnesty, torture.

Now it is death panels, global warming, "birthers" and socialism. If a married couple disagreed as broadly and deeply as Americans do on such basic issues, they would have divorced and gone their separate ways long ago. What is it that still holds us together?

Pat Buchanan finishes up his column with “Is America, too, breaking up?”

We spent the day at work yesterday amongst our co-workers and guess what we didn’t talk about? Healthcare reform. We went to lunch with a couple of friends. Guess what it is that we didn’t discuss? Cap and trade. After work, we grabbed some drinks with some other friends and guess which topic we did not get around to? Van Jones. And over the weekend, take a wild guess at what it is we won’t be discussing as we are watching USC take on Ohio St. and the Eagles vs. the Giants? Townhall meetings.

Beltway political pundits continually overestimate the influence of politics, or the effects of politics on the 99% of the rest of us Americans outside the NY-DC axis. And even for those of us as ourselves who keep up on this stuff with great relish, there is a natural tendency to compartmentalize and sublimate all our political passions when we are out and about living life away from the conduit to chaos that tends to be the internet and cable TV. We’d like to think it’s called having a life.

We think if you talk to folks our parents age who witnessed the 60s as adults raising their children, they would tell you what we are experiencing now had nothing on the late 60s when there was indeed a palpable sense that with political assassinations, urban rioting, violent political party conventions and massive anti-war demonstrations, the wheels were coming off.

So we hate to disappoint Pat Buchanan but we’re not really feeling the angst. However, not being ones to completely deny the validity of Buchanan’s concerns, how about a self-imposed gag order for all Americans and we’d like to throw out the first pitch: “Nazis”

Yeah, No “Nazis”. We kind of like the sound of that. Join us won’t you?

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