Sunday, September 13, 2009

Road Trip!

Greetings, Racists! The Tea Party movement went on the road this weekend to D.C. while the President got out of Dodge to rally support of healthcare in Minneapolis.

Check out time-lapse photography as the protest makes its way towards the Capitol.

Nice wrap-up of event here with photos.

Best parts:
1: That there were so many people already overflowing Freedom Plaza into the streets that the march just “started itself” 2.5hrs early.

2: When we got to the Capitol, and they were announcing that the didn’t have a permit for the mall, and everyone needed to come in on the lawn. And the crowd chanted back “WE OWN THE MALL!”. Permit or not, it didn’t matter, we filled the roads all the way back to the Washington Monument!

Freedom plaza at 9am was overflowing, and the river of people down Pennsylvania did not stop flowing for 3 hours and filled the front of the capital and down the mall…

And then this from Matt Welch of

* Of the people I ended up talking to, the general vibe was that they were conservative, and then either Republican, formerly Republican, or independent. Every single one had unkind words to say about George W. Bush's spending and governing record, though none had protested him. None expressed trust in Republicans, and most preferred a "throw-all-the-bums-out" strategy. All but one did not care about Obama's birth certificate controversy, and those I asked thought it was foolish to bring guns to political gatherings.

* People had traveled from North Carolina, Alabama, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, and Washington state.

* The view on Obama and his administration ranged from a "heading in the wrong direction" vibe to a "we're not gonna take it much longer" edge.


Harrison said...

Interesting post looking at the little to no trash left behind:

B-Daddy said...

We do own the mall dang it. Also interesting the way the MSM kept trying to underestimate the count. The fact that these folks came on their own dime speaks volumes. The left has to pay for their "volunteers."

Blue dog Democrats better take notice. This kind of angry energy can sweep a party from power. It just pains me to see how much the Republicans screwed things up under Bush. I remember being very anxious early in Bush's first term when he caved on a steel subsidy case to buy a special election in West Virginia. Was it worth it? If Republicans had shown some principle would they have been swept out of power so thoroughly? I don't think so.

SarahB said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word Dean! The media can try to dull the moment all they want...America saw what happened and the pictures are everywhere. We had the best time with the California flag also...folks were legitimately surprised and heartened we were all there. Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico also got the same reactions. Can't tell me that won't be part of the story folks from the East Coast share with their friends and family. Yung would be proud. And yes, the Mall and Capitol were SPOTLESS afterward. My brother-in-law who lives there and has been to two inaugurations said he has never seen anything like it. Tell you what...the Cab drivers were happy this week.