Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CNN loves them some parades...


... especially as a backdrop for coverage of a brutal communist dictatorship.

It's just so much easier than having to address the more usavory aspects of North Korea.

And towards the end of this 3 minute clip, cue the obligatory useful (Western) idiot.

H/T: Ed Driscoll


K T Cat said...

The colors! The choreography! The food-obsessed zombie peasants!

Err, we can edit that last one out, can't we?

SarahB said...

Hey, no hatin'...those 100,000 dancers got to eat for a full year. Never mind they were obligated to be felt up by the albino Dane.

But I am wondering, when did color become legal in NK?

Dean said...

KT, re: "edit". Actually that's what the Norks call it.

Sarah, no kiddin', huh? What is it about communism that is just so monochromatic?