Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo image of the day


Hosting Christmas potlucks are wondeful for no other reason than the attendees are more than willing to express their gratitude by leaving most excellent leftovers for said host.

That being said, there are some occupational hazards that go with the territory as to what guests leave behind.


Folks, life is just too short for the soul-less existence that is "light". Spend an extra 15 minutes in the gym, walk to the store rather than taking the car... do what thou must but please step out of the "light" .



Road Dawg said...

Did you give this stuff the "pepsi challenge?"

Sometimes I am amazed at the quality of the generic items. This is not tequilla or beer.

I am the first guy to bitch about the vegetables with my steak, so don't get me wrong, sometimes the sides or accessories mean just as much as the main course.

SarahB said...

Sugar free has it's place with folks who can't or shouldn't digest sugar...but low fat deserts are an abomination. I never need to be a size 7 badly enough to short change the dessert experience with this gruel.

Foxfier said...

Don't worry, it's fake-light. You can tell by the way it doesn't ditch the gh in the light.

It's just been churned longer than normal ice cream. More of a whipped creme feel.