Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He can't wait!


When the President gives his campaign State of the Union speech this evening, he will, no doubt, make a plea for an end to the divisive, grid-locked and do-nothing behavior of Congress. We say amen to that as today marks the 1000th day since the Democratic-controlled Senate passed a budget* while sitting on between 20-30 jobs-related bills that have passed the House.

So, have at it, Mr. President and let'er rip!

H/T: Hot Air

* Then again, perhaps not having a budget put together and passed by poor ol' Harry Reid and his gang of big spenders really is cause for celebration.


Anonymous said...

I'll save everyone the time of watching. Obama will come up, cherry pick or straight fabricate a statistic, and demand the entitled class ( rich folk who don't vote D) pay more taxes in the name of fairness. Thats right, we get a lecture on fairness from an entitled elitist.

Lessee what else...o yeah, remind everyone he saved millions of jobs with the stimulus, created millions in the green sector, and killed bin laden. Everything that went wrong was the republicans' fault, and remind everyone that in voting this coming election, people should focus on where he wants to take us, and not on these past three years.

If the republicans had any stones they would show up in golf clothes, or at least demand everyone hold their applause and cheering.

Dean said...

Golf clothes! +1

SOTU drinking game: A slug of your favorite beverage if he uses "fairness/fair share", "investment(s)", "infrastructure" and a double slug if he mentions "bridges" or high-speed choo-choos.

SarahB said...

You missed a word for the game: "tough choices"

I loved the part where he bitched about how he wants an up or down vote from the Senate on appointments....um, doesn't he have a majority over there already?

The whole thing hurt more to listen to than the sinus infection I've had all week.

Dean said...

Missed it. Was watching womens hoops.

But seriously folks...

I think he was referring to the time-honored tradition of the Senate minority party's ability to block both legislation and appointments.