Thursday, January 5, 2012

You find the darndest things in your Inbox


Faithful reader and commenter Road Dawg passed along to us this email he received from the Obama campaign which read, in part:

(Road Dawg),

People have been sending around two videos here at headquarters this morning, and I thought you'd want to see them, too.

This first one was posted to YouTube almost exactly four years ago. It's Barack Obama's "closing argument" to Iowans the night before the caucuses in 2008.

It's pretty incredible to see candidate Obama talk about what President Obama ultimately did. He makes four specific promises -- on reforming health care, making college more affordable, ending the war in Iraq, and putting us on the path to energy independence -- all of which today, four years later, are promises kept.

You make me promises, promises... why do I believe?

1) If by "reforming" health care, he meant adding reams and reams of legislative requirements and layers and layers of bureaucracy to our already bloated health care system and effectively making the health insurance providers wards of the state, all of which will result in taking more and more health care decisions out of the hands of the individual while simultaneously driving up the cost of health care then, yes, he "reformed" the hell out of our health care system, thank you very much.

2) Making college more affordable. Perhaps the numbers can be gamed but a simple Google search of "college tuitions" is pretty unanimous in the assessment that college is continuing to get anything but more affordable. The federal government subsidizing tuitions just jacks up the price of those tuitions by corresponding degrees.

3) Ending the war in Iraq.... or merely making good on the agreements made between the previous administration and the Iraqi government?

4) Putting us on the path to enegry independence. How exactly is Obama doing that? By not signing off on the Keystone XL pipeline so that oil from Canada can go instead to the Chicomms? By choking off natural gas and crude drilling here, domestically? By his fantastically corrupt Dept. of Energy loan program that props up not-yet-market-ready green technology and which serves as the model for the best in banana republic cronyism?

Incidentally, while there are certainly external factors aside from domestic energy policy that will effect gasoline prices at the pump, it bears mentioning that gas was in the neighborhood of $1.80/gallon when the President took office.

Since we don't have the Reverend Wright to kick around this time, thank god this election just might be about the issues.


SarahB said...

I'm not sure even Leftist's would believe that list of crap. Especially the affordable college line. Isn't that what all of OWS is whining about?

And thank you for the reminder about gas in early 09. If it were me, that would be 90% of my campaign against the guy.

Dean said...

I wanted to be careful with my verbage but every single link I went to suggested the Prez's claim was a bald-faced lie. In the spirit of the "new civility", however, I chose softer words.