Friday, January 6, 2012

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Your high-speed California choo-choo update can wait because there is something else that takes precedence (suffice to say, it will not be good news for California's high speed rail project. Hint: it just may have something to do with the fact that some very important people realize we have no money for which to build the damn thing).

We digress...

Leslie at Temple of Mut writes eloquently and passionately in her post My STEADFAST resolve to kick elite a$$. about how to best expend resources to effect political change in the most efficient manner possible.

Instead of giving some distant group money to do the work, I might suggest you donate to pundits proven to get the conservative message across (and help promote your local efforts). Think about the websites you read daily, and consider if they have ever linked to you or provided a solid platform to spread your message. These are people who have been forced to buy server access so their blogs don’t disappear on the whim of WordPress or Google.

I assert that the money I spent with these fabulous patriots will be 1000 times for effectively used than it would be if I sent it to some central planning committee — who would then use it to hire limos that take them to deluxe resorts for conferences with elite, politically connected pundits.

Leadership and organization are extremely important but the days of dictates, fiats and top-down planning are long gone. Technology has allowed us to make end-arounds the established protocols and business-as-usual template for effecting change.

This extends to even the tea party itself where the inevitable internecine squabbles have broken out regarding policy and tactics. It's all good: no movement is without these struggles and it helps shape and define who it is we are and what we want to accomplish.

Before we are accused of rambling, please just go to the link to get the rest of the story.


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Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks so much for the link. It is much appreciated. :)

SarahB said...

Thank you for making the point about technology...something the GOP, and now national tea party 'leaders,' seem to have forgotten.