Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deadspin commenters: they'll be here all week...


... well, at least for today.

If you hadn't heard the news, John Parr is re-racking his hit "St. Elmo's Fire" to honor Tim Tebow. Here's the set-up:

The song originally written to honor Canadian Paralympic hero Rick "Man In Motion" Hansen is now paying tribute to another athlete who's on a roll who's inspiring people worldwide. John Parr, who earned a Grammy nom in 1985 for "St. Elmo's Fire," released his updated version yesterday featuring lyrics like:

You know I'm out there
Down on one knee
A prisoner
And I'm tryin' to break free

To which commenter Gamboa Constrictor responded:

That's funny.
"Canadian man in motion" is often projected as Tebow's future position.


Hey, you all didn't think we were going to leave you hanging, did ya?

Here it is, in all its mid-80s synthetic horn section glory.


Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow's Fire + inspiring arson clips

Dean said...

Anon, pretty whacky.

SarahB said...

I'm all for Tebow, but this song is just tmi. Feel like I just walked in on two men kissing that I didn't know were gay.

Harrison said...

Leave it to the lockerooms...