Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#OWS update


We had heard that the #OWS set was building a float and negotiating with the Rose Parade organizers to have it entered into the parade. Now, we hadn't watched the Rose Parade in anger for years but felt this might be too much theater to miss out on. We caught probably 90% of the parade but did not see the Occupy float... did we miss it?

Nah. We guess the negotiations agreed upon entailed them walking the parade route to the rear of the street sweepers and riot cops where they would not be televised, essentially leading from behind. Sheesh. Occupy is really going soft.

Here's a file report from one of the local stations up there:

Saw a replica of a United States Constitution amongst the protesters. That's good. Considering their concern for this rapidly-becoming- irrelevant document and further considering recent events, perhaps that person should consider taking up Occupying a different locale. But concerns for constitutional fidelity aside, we know that the driving ideology of #OWS is for the rapid expansion of the state to further income redistribution so we know that is not happening.

And in other #OWS news, yet another prestigious New York City institution of higher learning will be offering a course on the tea party Occupy movement. First, it was NYU and now Columbia will be getting into the act:

Columbia University will offer a new course for upperclassmen and grad students next semester. An Occupy Wall Street class will send students into the field and will be taught by Dr. Hannah Appel, a veteran of the Occupy movement.

The course begins next semester and will be divided between class work at Columbia’s Morningside Heights campus and fieldwork that will require students to become involved with the Occupy movement outside of the classroom.

The course will be called “Occupy the Field: Global Finance, Inequality, Social Movement” it will be run by the anthropology department.

Appel is a staunch defender of the Occupy movement, in her blog she said that, ““it is important to push back against the rhetoric of ‘disorganization’ or ‘a movement without a message’ coming from left, right and center.”

Appel told the New York Post that while her involvement with the movement will color the way she teaches it will not prevent her from being an objective teacher.

Hannah, babe, own the bias. You're not fooling anybody and it's all good.

Columbia and NYU's complete lack of self-assessment when it comes to further contribution of completely un-employable B.A.s is really quite charming and disarming in a way. They really are completely unaware of the self-perpetuating academic death spiral in which they are participating.

As a wrap, here's what we wrote concering NYU's intial efforts to Occupy the Occupy:

Harvard, the 2nd most expensive university in America, which has matriculated a demographic that has made an absolute mess of this country, doesn't see fit to offer a class on the American Revolution and now NYU is offering their contribution to the American higher education bubble.



SarahB said...

If a couple hundred people is all they could round up in liberal-ish LA/Pasadena, then I call that an epic fail.

And this is why we have no savings for college for our kids.

Dean said...

Send'em to a service academy. ;)

Mostly Nothing said...

I've found it very funny that these protesters are mad that they have a degree that has put them in massive debt, yet they are never protest the school that provided the useless education.

Finally, a University is going to provide a class that these people can use!

Dean said...

MN, that may be a worthwhile endeavor to point out this glaring weakness in our higher education system but it was that individual who made that choice not the uni.

Occupy the University, though, fulfilling in a schadenfreude sort of way for us non-Occupiers would still be misplaced anger and frustration.

Secular Apostate said...

Occupy, according to Dave Barry:

"As the year wore on, frustration finally boiled over in the form of the Occupy Various Random Spaces movement, wherein people who were sick and tired of a lot of stuff finally got off their butts and started working for meaningful change via direct action in the form of sitting around and forming multiple committees and drumming and not directly issuing any specific demands but definitely having a lot of strongly held views for and against a wide variety of things."

Pitch-perfect, IMNSHO

Anonymous said...

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