Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Messaging difficulties


That the Democrats can't quite get through a conversation without saying the word "tax" is completely understandable as raising them is pretty much what they are running on in 2012; a message endorsed by the Supreme Court last Thursday. Think were joking? Check out House minority leader Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press on Sunday

0:23 :


Pelosi's assertion that the ta-... penalty is on the free-riders glomming off the rest of us that are paying into the healthcare system is laughable on its face, as Democrats have courted and have counted on the votes of the free-rider class for decades now.

And let's see if we got this straight: They want to soak the rich and the investor class by jacking up the marginal income tax rate and the capital gains rate, they want to saddle the middle class with the taxes built into Obamatax that will fund the monstrosity and they want to stick it to young people and those who may not need nor can afford to purchase health care (Or as @Iowahawkblog tweeted: don't bite the hand that food stamps you). And it's the right that's obsessed with taxes?

Remember, gang:

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