Monday, July 16, 2012

Not wanting a recession to go to waste


Well, we suppose the logical extension of claiming food stamps and unemployment benefits provide an economic stimulus is to use them as bait to get people on the voting rolls.

From Mickey Kaus:

Will the GOPs take advantage of Obama's new welfare weakness? The Obama Department of Agriculture has pulled the radio"novelas" that urged Spanish-speakers to wise up and get on the dole. ("In one of these, an individual tries to convince a friend to enroll in food stamps even though that friend declares: 'I don't need anyone's help. My husband earns enough to take care of us," says GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, describing the novelas. "The first individual replies back: 'When are you going to learn?'")

Why is the USDA's retreat significant? Because it shows the administration is sensitive, in an election year, to being perceived as dismissive of the work ethic. Like a prize fighter who winces when you hit him in a sore spot, the Obamaites have revealed their weakness. If the Republicans' have any strategic sense they will now hit that sore spot again by making a big fuss about the Health and Human Service regulations that renege on the work requirements imposed on welfare recipients by the 1996 welfare reform law (and its successors). If Romney, Boehner and McConnell can't frame these regs as part (along with the food stamp push) of Obama's cavalier disregard for the value of work-in embarrassing contradiction to the image he portrayed in 2008-they should really retire to Austria with Denise Rich.

If you think merely getting more people on the dole is the real end game then we, unfortunately, believe you to be a tad naive. From an electoral standpoint, the Democrats are absolutely invested in creating a permanent underclass, dependent upon the Party for the unwarranted bennies as the Democrats are dependent upon them for their votes. Nice little arrangement they have worked out for themselves.

However, as we have stated in our previous post, the government in enticing people to eschew work in order to get food stamps is completely immoral. A government that encourages its people to sacrifice their independence and liberty in the name of sloth is not a government worthy of governing.

We hate to seem pessimistic or even conspiratorial, but what is it precisely that has you persuaded the Democrats don't think this recession is such a bad thing?

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