Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Diego: America's fastest city?


How does that country and western song go?: I'm not as good as I once was but I'm good once as I ever was...

Well, organizers of San Diego's Big Bay Boom 4th of July fireworks show may know how that feels.

When most of the country was going ooh and aah over Fourth of July fireworks displays, San Diego spectators were treated to a spectacle that lit up the night sky -- for all of 15 seconds.

Thousands had gathered at beaches and parks to catch a glimpse of the annual "Big Bay Boom" show on Wednesday night. Some camped out for hours to see the fireworks that ignite around the San Diego Bay on Independence Day.

An unknown glitch caused the fireworks to explode all at once, botching the show and bewildering spectators.

Others fled into the night as four big balls lit up before their scheduled time, adding to the confusion.

Here's the highli... er, the show:

. For those that spent the next 2-3 hours sitting in traffic trying to get out of the Pacific Beach/Mission Beach/Mission Bay area after this show, it had to be a huge disappointment. Maybe the city put these guys in charge. (NSFW warning)


Anonymous said...

Is this a family site? Can I make the obligatory adult joke about San Diego lasting 15 seconds?

I'll show myself out now.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Drozz, I think such a joke may be premature.

K T Cat said...

You know, I've always wondered what it would look like if they lit them all off at once ...