Monday, December 7, 2009

The 2009-2010 great scandal-off

Tiger Woods alleged mistresses vs. faith-based global-warming community scandals.

Who ya got?

Currently, Tiger has jumped out to a pretty impressive lead. As of this posting, his alleged mistresses count is at 7 while the current scandal count for the faith-based global-warming community is at 4 .

We’re counting (1) the East Anglia (motley)CRU data manipulation, (2) the East Anglia (motley)CRU data destruction, (3) NASA’s refusal to disclose data of their own and (4) the CARB’s lead scientist resume’ lying.

What about the fact that the CRU dudes were threatening and intimidating scientists who weren’t playing along with the rest of the faith-based AGW crowd? Look, we were told that all those nasty emails just proved that scientists are human afterall. So, if character assassination is just part of the scientific method, then no scandal points.

(Phil Jones, HMFIC of the East Anglia CRU, who has temporarilty stepped down from that position.)

Though, we fully expect a few more ladies to crawl out of the woodwork, one has to wonder just how it was that Tiger was able to squeeze in any actual golf play. Kind of explains Tiger’s strategy the last few years of hitting the Majors and then just a handful of selected “other” tournaments.

The scandals for the faith-based global-warming community will start rolling in here in the by and by. Any religion that has been predicated upon manipulated science and academic thuggery and which is backed by the full faith and credit of your tax dollars should be a bonanza of latent scandalous behavior that like Tiger’s ladies, is just waiting for its fifteen minutes.

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