Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your brother's keeper?

So, why is the notion of a single-payer healthcare system so antithetical to our exceptionally American sensibilities?

Setting aside the rationing, the deficit-busting and the invasion of privacy that Obamacare will certainly deliver, the fact that you will, in effect, be paying for someone else’s crappy diet and poor lifestyle choices is reason enough to abort this bill. B-Daddy has more here.

That's an awful lot of cotton that went into that T-shirt. Now shut up and pay up!


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Dean said...

That's what happens when I tag a post "crappy ideas".

B-Daddy said...

Crappy tag or not, thanks for the link. Also, where can I buy that T-shirt?

Harrison said...

We already pay for people's unhealthy lifestyles. And car insurance is so high because of insurance fraud. That's not good enough of a reason, in my opinion. Terrible tee shirt!