Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Encouraging signs?

Better late than never we suppose but President Obama finally had some strong words of support for the protesters and condemnation for the Iranian regime on Monday while denying the U.S. has had anything to do with the civil unrest currently going on in that country.

He completely blew his opportunity the first time around during the first wave of protests in the wake of the Presidential elections this past June. The administration’s line of thinking was that any words of encouragement to the anti-regime protesters would hamper Obama’s hoped-for sit down with Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding Iran’s nuclear program. And just how is that all working out?

Maybe now that the administration has received the memo that Iran, through stonewalling and outright defiance, isn’t listening to anybody regarding its nuclear program, it feels it can drop the real-politik sham and step up the rhetoric a bit with the protesters.

At this point it’s a win-win. Similar to Reagan’s emboldening the opposition in the Warsaw Pact nations and Russia itself with his freedom rhetoric, what’s wrong with a little regime change where the Middle East gets itself yet another democracy? And doesn’t the establishment of a mullah-free democracy make the whole nuclear situation just a tad less volatile?

And how are things going over there in Iran right now? Well, the Khamenei thugs are running over protesters in trucks – that’s how things are going.

Keep the pressure on, sir. We can all learn from our mistakes and you know we’re always here for you.

Call us. We’ll be awake. Sharks don’t sleep.*

* A BwD atta-boy, if anyone can give us the source of that pop-culture reference. Think early 80s late-night T.V.

H/T: Gateway Pundit via Instaglen

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Thanks for this, Dean. I posted about it on my blog and cross-posted it on CSPT where it got a bit of a conversation started. You might want to check it out since you were the catalyst.