Thursday, December 10, 2009

Neocon-in-Chief ?

Wait a minute. Did the President really use the word "evil" in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Why, yes. Yes, he did.

Abe Greenwald breaks down the Prez's speech, here and wonders if Obama has been mugged by reality.

Just so everybody's clear, this is not a jab at the Commander-in-Chief whose Afghanistan "surge" we support but rather a 2x4 upside the head of knee-jerk Bush haters/Obama-as-light-worker supporters.


Harrison said...

You can't really support Obama's surge when he puts an expiration date on it. Kind of defeats the purpose (and sends troops in harm's way for political gain).

Dean said...

That expiration date was about as squishy as a bag of wet noodles or something.

Forget Obama. Put your trust in McChrystal and the men and women in the field.

Road Dawg said...

The real surge will come as soon as we pull the enemy.

Harrison said...

Yes and where will the Liberal Guilt be as tens of thousands are slaughtered, tortured, and raped by the Taliban?