Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day of Reckoning

For our moderate and liberal friends who were had...

Harry Reid cravenly explained all the pork give-aways in Senatecare as being just business as usual and intimating that’s just how legislation was done. We’re sorry – we’re not buying because it was supposed to be different with this Congress and this administration, wasn’t it? That’s what we were promised, right?

Hope and Change.

It wasn’t going to be business as usual and there was going to be transparency and openness as well. And particularly for a bill that was supposed to be about “justice”, “morality” and “doing the right thing”, in the end all the backroom whoring seems to be a tad unseemly and tawdry, does it not?

Here is the abstract of The Heritage Foundation’s excellent breakdown of Senatecare:

The Senate health care bill would overhaul the entire health care sector of the U.S. economy by erecting massive federal controls over private health insurance, dictating the content of insurance benefit packages and the use of medical treatments, procedures, and medical devices. It would alter the relationship between the federal government and the states, transferring massive regulatory power to the federal government. The bill would also restrict the personal and economic freedom of American citizens by imposing controversial and unprecedented mandates on businesses and individuals, including an individual mandate to buy insurance.

Let’s go back to what a liberal said regarding corporatism in 1930s Germany and with respect to what he was warning against in America circa 2004:

When Germany faced the last depression, its government turned to a hand-in-glove partnership with corporations (including some American corporations, as has been shown in recent years) to solidify its power over its own people and to wage war on others.

(We want to be 100% crystal clear on one thing: we are in no way conflating the economic fascism of Germany with its Nazi ideology. Chase that thought from your head right now.)

How is the economic fascism of Germany and Italy where partnerships between the government and private industry were forged any different than what we have now with Obamacare where you will be forced to purchase a service, even if it’s against your will, from a private entity and where the federal government is a major stockholder of two American auto manufacturers as well as having ownership interests in this country’s financial sector? How is it different?

One of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is forcing the opposition to play by its own rules. As such, if liberals and independents were upset with the crony capitalism and the cozying-up to Big Business of the Bush administration then they should rightly be outraged by what they have seen thus far with the Obama administration. Yet, what we hear is tea bagger jokes.

It’s time to come forward. All will be forgiven, ye who fell under the spell of The One. Come forward now and confess of your transgressions, ye who chafed under 8 years of the power-grabbing Bush regime who now look like mere pikers when compared to the gangsters from Chicago who now reside in the White House.

We understand. We get it. Over a year ago, you had in Barack Obama, the pefect tonic for 8 years of war, triumphalism, moral certitude, faith over science and conservatism run amok. A black man who spoke in moderate tones that would accommodate squishy political ideology while soothing whatever racial guilt that may have been pent up within you represented the ultimate in personality over politics and ideology.

The gig is up. Time to come home.

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Road Dawg said...

It's still a long time before the next election. Will we remember? Does America remember the promises now broken a year later? Or only the conservatives?