Friday, December 11, 2009

Progressively ahead of their time

Crappy ideas from the liberal-Left: the gifts that keep giving.

Someone named Diane Francis writing for the Financial Post is calling for “mandatory conservation measures” in order to control global population growth which she believes is of more critical concern than global warming. Jonah Goldberg rightly ponders the amount and degree of outrage were there a call for a global ban on abortion. Keep your politics off my body, right?

How is this call for forced abor… err, “mandatory conservation measures” any different?

And who does she use as an example? Those progressives calling the one-child policy shots in China.

Ironically, China, despite its dirty coal plants, is the world's leader in terms of fashioning policy to combat environmental degradation, thanks to its one-child-only edict.

Leaving aside the fact that we’re not sure what is so ironic about two results of China’s command and control policies, Francis neglects to mention other progressives like Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot who also implemented very effective population control measures. Who knew they would be so out in front of this issue?

Alas, Ms. Francis is a married mother of two.


Road Dawg said...

So you are trying to find the rational, unemotional side to the liberal mind?

Do we see Sean Penn fighting for gay rights in Venezuela? ....and on... and on...and on.

Oh well

Harrison said...

Her blog is filled with many comments on her hypocrisy.