Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A 2nd bomber? (UPDATED)

Kurt Haskell, an attorney from Detroit was in the airport in Amsterdam with his wife returning to the states from a safari in Uganda and claims the Christmas bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, had an accomplice help him board the plane there.

Long story short: Well-dressed Indian or Pakistani man was able to convince airline officials that Abdulmutallab was from the Sudan and thus as some sort of refugee-fleeing-war-torn-country did not have/require a passport for international travel.

Linked story does not provide an additional claim made by Haskell which we heard during a radio interview with Haskell this morning on KOGO AM 600 – that being there was a second bomber onboard who was hauled off the plane after an explosive device was discovered by a bomb-sniffing dog that was brought onboard the plane in Detroit and was witnessed by many of the passengers including Haskell.

Haskell has been questioned on multiple occasions by federal authorities since that time. At one of these sessions they showed him a series of photos and asked him if he recognized any of the people in the photos. Haskell picked out Abdulmutallab as well as the 2nd bomber while adding, “That’s the 2nd bomber you’re not telling anyone about.” The feds were not pleased with this commentary. To our knowledge, we have not seen any official word confirming or denying the existence of this second set of explosives or an alleged 2nd bomber.

Stay tuned

(UPDATE #1): There was indeed a 2nd man taken into custody according U.S. Customs but they are insisting this person came to Detroit on a separate flight from Flight 253 and the F.B.I. is maintaining that Abdulmutallab was the only person arrested in relation to Christmas’ foiled attacks.

Several eye-witnesses including Haskell maintain they saw a man being taken away after a carry-on baggage search.

The most intriguing part of this whole thing remains Haskell’s contention that he positively ID’d this person from a series of photos presented to Haskell in one of his questioning sessions with authorities – photos which we will assume were not from Haskell’s high school year book.

We’re just baffled that it's nearly a week gone by before this has generated any hard news stories. Guess our Homeland security apparatus sure runs a tight ship.


Harrison said...

If this is true then I'm sure there will be airport cameras that can show it. Good find!

Road Dawg said...

Here is another interview with the witness:

This is amazing. Even Fox isn't covering this.