Monday, December 14, 2009

With apologies to Uncle Joe...

Check out Irvine, California city councilman, Steven Choi protesting headline speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Democratic Party of Orange County’s 15th Annual Harry Truman Awards last Friday.

That’s Pelosi on Choi’s cocktail napkin, hoisting aloft a young fair-headed commie enthusiast which is a photo-chop of the iconic Joseph Stalin image below.

The San Francisco Chronicle duly notes in reporting this that Stalin was a Soviet dictator “who killed millions under his Great Terror campaign.”

And local area blogger Dan Chmielewski in a post at The LiberalOC had this to say:

To portray Pelosi as Stalin, a mass murderer of millions during his reign of power, is nothing short of outrageous. Choi owes the Speaker an apology. He owes his fellow city council members an apology. He owes the residents of this city an apology for his embarassing antics.

Resign your position Dr. Choi; you are not fit to serve as an elected official in Irvine. Your offensive behavior is a black eye on Irvine’s place as a city of tolerance and influence.

(italics, ours)

We're just marveling at the fact that it takes a Republican congressman and his ham-fisted "protest" to cause some people to suddenly snap out of decades-long Murderous Tyrant Denial Syndrome.

Hey, it's a start and we'll take it!


Harrison said...

This type of behavior is done by both sides and it is wrong either way however the one-sided reaction we see in the press is an example of Liberal blindness. Very nice post.

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