Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Single issue voting

Speaker Pelosi has conceded that Obamacare won’t get done this year but rather next year when job creation and deficit reduction will be the central Democratic themes, (hey, you in the back – no laughing) Politico is reporting but this paragraph caught our eye:

“We are in a define-or-be-defined occupation,” she said, and her adversaries have had the advantage of picking out single issues, such as abortion or the public option, to characterize the whole.

…or rationing or the expansion of Medicare or how it will increase the deficit or how it will infringe upon physician/patient privacy or how it will stunt medical innovation or how it will actually push people out of their current employer-based health insurance or how it will cover illegal aliens or how it will raise health insurance premiums or....

The cherry-picking by Obamacare opponents has been downright shameful.


Harrison said...

Obama said the country would go bust without Obamakare. I think we already have and not because of that.

Road Dawg said...

Who thought Howard Dean would be an "opponant"?