Wednesday, December 9, 2009


L.A.’s gang intervention program Homeboy Industries travels to southwest Alabama. Their video via the L.A. Times, here.
PajamasTV at Hopenhagen. Every bit the Pyongyang-inspired group-think festival you thought it would be.

It's come to this: Eugene Robinson in the WaPo is worried that Tiger’s skanks aren’t sufficiently diverse. Seriously, do ugly women-of-color have lobbyists that could’ve righted this wrong and somehow preserved a silver lining in his multiple transgressions, as in, “Yes, Tiger may have committed mortal sins but at least he was getting down with a sister or two”.

Mr. Robinson, congratulations on the worst column yet this year. Considering you had strong competition on several occasions from the likes of Dowd, Krugman and Brooks, you, my man, are a literary titan. Excuse us… make that the second worst column of the year.

Airbrushing inconvenient history at the Smithsonian. Fade to green..?

In 2002 I stood in a room of the Smithsonian. One entire wall charted the cooling of our globe over the last 60 million years. This was no straight line. The curve had two steep dips followed by leveling. There were no significant warming periods. Smithsonian scientists inscribed it across some 20 feet of plaster, with timelines.

Last year, I went back. That fresco is painted over. The same curve hides behind smoked glass, shrunk to three feet but showing the same cooling trend. Hey, why should the Smithsonian put its tax-free status at risk? If the politicians decide to whip up public fear in a different direction, get with it, oh ye subsidized servants. Downplay that embarrassing old chart and maybe nobody will notice.


Hey, if we’re supposed to be "teabaggers" can we tag the other side of the aisle as “fisters” ? Though with the unquestioned willingness to swallow everything coming out of the White House and Congress, we wonder just who it is that's getting 'bagged.

And finally, the U.S. government will shell-out $7 million in holiday season public safety PSAs. But do they work? Current TV has some ideas on making PSAs more effective, here.

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