Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time for some "Skunkies"

While wrapping up '07 we had some fun with year-end awards. General malaise prevented us from doing it last year but because of the nature of things, we want to hand out one or two this year.

This is why you wait ‘til the very end. This is why you don’t pull the plug on the worst article of the year until the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31st. We didn’t think we’d be able to say it but Mark Whicker’s horribly inappropriate and lame “Congratulations, Jaycee (Dugard). You’ve left the yard” column has been bested(?).

Jeff Norman writing for the HuffPo works himself into a righteous lather over the righteous lather worked up by critics of director Roman Polanski. This Polanski is indeed to be confused with the self-confessed drugging, raping and sodomizing director Roman Polanski who is currently doing hard time in his Swiss chalet.

The floor is yours Norman:

Demonstrating the same lack of self-esteem as prisoners who beat up child molesters, noisy segments of the American population continue to hyperventilate over Roman Polanski as if the sexual abuse of minors were not already sufficiently condemned by our society.

We actually do feel like the moral equivalent of prisoners beating up child molesters or something. However, as free men, we would love to take a few cracks at Polanski, himself.

The offense for which Polanski's extradition from Switzerland is sought is barely considered a crime in Europe, where the age of consent is as low as 13.

So he drugged and raped the 13 yr. old in his Swiss chalet? We missed that part (Commenters to article jump on the fact that Spain is the only country in Europe with an age of consent as low as 13 and we're curious how Europeans feel being equated with a child sodomizer).

Regardless of how one feels about Polanski or his confessed/alleged crimes, guilt or innocence should be determined by actual evidence, not mere perception.

We feel about Polanski the way we do because he, uhhh… confessed to the deed.

Just because a lot of pathetic people need to dwell on the director's supposed indecency to make themselves feel decent in comparison, doesn't mean that normal evidentiary standards should be abandoned in the Polanski matter.

(italics, ours)

Hey, we don’t condone physical violence in any manner but as proud (and pathetic) uncles of several young nieces and nephews, were this creep Norman to be in the general vicinity of them, we’d beat the living crap out of the guy just to be on the safe side.

Congratulations, Jeff Norman! You’ve left your senses (were you to possess any in the first place).

H/T: Big Hollywood

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Here's a piece showing Jeff Norman (yes, that's the real deal), or as I call him, Chubbsy Ubbsy in action.

**WARNING: Definitely NSFW**

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