Monday, December 14, 2009

Making adjustments for one's faith

We’ve been advised by the faith-based AGW zealots to ignore Climategate as it doesn’t definitively disprove global warming and that all the huffing and puffing over it is a distraction. They’re exactly right as there is plenty of other stuff they will need to start answering for beyond beating Climategate to death.
Willis Eschenbach takes a look at the raw temperature data from NOAA/GHCN (Global Historical Climate Network) (one of the 3 main global temperature datasets), throws out the “homogenization” adjustments and finds some very interesting results.

Story here.

H/T: The Scratching Post


Harrison said...

You cannot refute these people with facts because they are not interested in it. It has been shown that the type of pollution China is sending into the atmosphere is actually lowering temperatures by reflecting sunlight back into space... but I don't think the global warmers would go along with that even if it helps them reach their stated objectives of lowering temps because there's no money to be made in that.

Dean said...

I'll have to dig up the link but a while back I posted on one of the czars in the administration toying with the idea of shooting particulate matter into the sky to reflect back the sun's rays... something that we are doing right now with coal and oil-fired industry, thank you very much.

Harrison said...

This was written about in Superfreakonomics where we could set off a volcano which would in term blow its top and lower temps worldwide... a sort of nuclear winter without the winter... a very cheap (and proven) method od dropping temps.

Libs didn't like that one.

Road Dawg said...

By the time I get to comment, you guys have made all the good points.

harrison said...

That was a great point you made!