Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Great Dodge challenge

Last week, we blogged about Big Media’s KSM problem and of the Great Dodge. The Great Dodge is Big Media’s refusal to call on the carpet or at least question the Obama administration’s double standard regarding the civilian criminal trial of KSM. Both the President and the hack currently employed as this country’s attorney general, Eric Holder, have assured us that regardless of the outcome of KSM’s trial, the dangerous terrorist that he is, KSM would not be set free.

No one of which we have either yet heard or read has confronted this galling hypocrisy where KSM will be treated to the full benefits of America’s sense of justice and rule of law and its civil rights traditions… except that he won’t.

Defenders of the decision to try KSM in civilian court have been throwing out red herrings (the Islamic world will respect us for doing this... and whaddya mean it’s a bad idea to try KSM in New York? Who are the cowards now, conservatives?) left and right so as to not have to confront the unbearable reality that the trial of KSM is nothing more than a show trial.

Perhaps to incentivize a show of spine for those who have unflinchingly been accepting the Obama/Holder “logic” hook, line and teabag, we are issuing a challenge.

Upon reading the first reasonably coherent and consistent defense of the overarching KSM trial strategy that is presented either abroad or in the comment section of this blog, we will walk away from blogging forever*, no questions asked. It's that simple. If the hypocrisy can be rationalized then we shut down Beers with Demo and devote our remaining days to voluntary acts of charity and sobriety and involuntary acts of chastity.

* By employing the Obama/Holder KSM exit strategy, we’re not shutting down anything regardless of how eloquent and fluid the logic and will continue blogging at our normal course and speed.

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