Sunday, December 6, 2009

With friends like us.... (UPDATED)

From the comments, B-Daddy advised Krauthammer to stick with the straight stuff and leave the shtick to Iowahawk. Yep...

Anyhoo, after receiving General McChrystal's request, I carefully reviewed and focus tested it with some of the top military strategist of DailyKos and HuffingtonPost. As an alternative, they suggested sending a special force of 200 diversity-trained surrender consultants. After several months of careful deliberation, polling, and strategic golfing, I told the General I would provide him a force of 30,000, which is fully 75% of a 110% commitment.

Now let's think about that. When you multiply it out, that's... let's see... that's almost an 83% total commitment to mission success! And son, back at Harvard Law that's what we called a "solid B." Not only that, I also pledged to provide you with all the healthy snacks and juice boxes you will need until the designated 5:30 pickup time. As an extra bonus to help you out, I secured a commitment of 10,000 additional special troops from our European allies. In fact, I think I see one of them in the back seat -- there in the blue bicycle helmet. What's your name son?

Pierre? That's... okay... okay, Pierre, please stop crying. Yes, I promised Mr. Sarkozy you'll be home soon.

(UPDATE #1): So how is the Taliban like George Washington? B-Daddy has the details, here.


B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. I didn't mean to extol Taliban virtues, obviously, I just wanted to make clear that we have over 200 years experience in insurgency operations, on both sides, and you'd think somebody would have LEARNED SOME LESSONS!

Road Dawg said...

Like "dig in like a tick on a hound and breed"