Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog headline of the day

When is this stuff going to stop?

Pimply 17-Year Old Boy Rejected by Cheerleader; Climate of Hate Blamed

Young Billy is a 17-year old boy who enjoys math riddles, glee club and has plans to run for student body President. All that changed in an instant.

Last week Billy asked popular cheerleader Shannon to the prom. He was rejected. In a cold-blooded utterance that can only be described as “terroristic in intent” Shannon told Billy that he “wasn’t her type.”

Now a devastated Billy stays in his room playing online video games, occasionally taking time out to mow the lawn or read the Bible.

The backlash against Shannon and her hate-filled rejection of Billy is intense. Many local residents blame talk radio.

As it was Reagan who was in office when we were in high school, this goes a long way towards explaining our abject dating failures at that time.

Go to the link above to read more of the of the incivility of our times at Conservative Hideout 2.0.


Road Dawg said...

More Palin Headlines:

Jewish groups denounce Palin's use of "blood libel," adding they would forgive the apparent insult if she became a Democrat.

PETA outraged at Palin confession that she finds it calming to drown out liberal punditry with the sound of cats in blenders.

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