Sunday, January 9, 2011


A round-up of news items, articles, columns and blog pieces that caught our eye this past week.

Left Coast Rebel has a nice round-up of the shooting tragedy that occurred yesterday in Arizona.

Related: The President warned us of the dangers of over-heated rhetoric.

Terrific. Now they find out what causes male pattern baldness.

Although, this affliction is highly subjective to interpretation.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale whines about the filibuster.

This from a man whose party controls the Oval Office and both houses of Congress and who "achieved" the $800 billion Porkulus spending package, Wall St. financial reform and, of course, ObamaCare. What exactly is he bitching about? And here we thought that the Senate took some sort of perverse pride in being the "most deliberative legislative body in the world".

Memo to Mondale: Making laws is not supposed to be easy.

And in other related news:
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she will “use every single tool available” to thwart efforts by House Republicans to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate regulations.

Good news: Chinese look to build high-speed rail system here in California. You know, the one where no one can really find a need.

Maybe that's because we already have one. It's called "commuter flight".

Leslie at Temple of Mut has been blogging up a storm lately (somewhat against her own wishes). You may have heard Caifornia is in a bit of a self-inflicted hole. Well, it would appear we are going to be getting some outside "help".

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse on the left coast, along comes more bad news for the Golden State. Across the country, Republican state legislatures and governors are adopting a new economic development strategy: Raid California for its jobs and businesses.

Also, how to hit back against the smear machine that sprung up instantly after the Arizona shootings yesterday.

B-Daddy has some thoughts on de-funding ObamaCare.
However, I don't think anyone has thought it through. By not taking the Senate, the Republicans actually gain the upper hand in this little confrontation, and they have a very nice fall back position. Since the appropriations bills must originate in the House of Representatives, the Republicans can send over all manner of appropriations that prohibit the funding of various aspects of Obamacare. Then Harry Reid will have a tough call to make. He will likely amend the appropriation and send it back to the House. A conference committee would then have to resolve differences. Now it is equally on the Senate whether particular agencies get shut down. (Remember that most agencies operate on their own appropriations bill, so the whole government doesn't really get shut down at once.)
Make this about Harry Reid and not the President. We knew that still having poor ol' Harry around would be highly beneficial.

And finally, KT has some thoughts on Chinese parenting: the good, the bad and... no sleep-overs?


Anonymous said...

Read Leslie's great article on CA's woes. One point that was overlooked was the high cost of electricity. About 6 years ago, my friend's company closed their plant in CA due to the cost of electricity. The company had comparable plants in Wisc and NCar. Their electric bill in CA was equal to the other two plants. Goodbye CA. I haven't seen any comparative figures on liability insurance but I have heard that CA rates are among the highest. Dad

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link. The political angle for the Arizona attack baffles me. The guy was a nut and that's it.

Mutnodjmet said...

BwD: Thanks for the links. I just wanted to note that the scariest aspect of the Tucson tragedy is the assault on our First Amendment rights. Reviewing all that we are learning about the shooter, I think this situation is most similar to the Virginia Tech tragedy. Thanks for the great link-fest.