Friday, January 7, 2011

Radio KBwD is on the air (the covers edition)

Hearing the first song below on the radio the other day sprung an idea in our mind. First Friday of every month, we will do a covers edition of Radio KBwD where we play a song by the original artist first and then follow it up with what we feel is a worthy cover of that song and let you all decide which you like better in the comment(s) section.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from St. Albans, England, it's The Zombies performing "She's Not There".

And now, from San Francisco, California, it's Santana.

(Having difficulties with the embed. Please go here.)

OK. Who ya got?


B-Daddy said...

A worthy cover indeed. I have to lean to voting for the original, if only because Santana drags it out a little longish for such a classic. By the way, my rough calculation is that you'll be dead before you run out of good material in this vain. You might want to limit yourself initially by excluding oft used songwriters like Dylan and Johnny Cash, but maybe not. Manfred Mann's much superior version of Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light" comes to mind in the category of great songwriters whose voice doesn't match their skills at composing music.

Dean said...

Re: "Blinded by the Light". Could not disagree more. Bruce's version kicks ass.

I may do another Bruce classic which was covered in fine fashion back in the 80s and which I think people will be surprised.

Road Dawg said...

"The Boss" I agree his version kicks ass! I enjoyed it more because the cover was so overplayed.

I like both the original and cover of "She's not there" equally. I guess depends on the mood.

I'm a big fan of cover tunes. Thanks Dean, I look forward to this feature.