Sunday, January 30, 2011

Standing by idly while a segment of our society slowly spins down the drain

Brave and good parenting? Denied.

A 40-year-old Ohio mom is heading to jail for trying to sneak her kids into a better school.

Kelley Williams-Bolar pretended her two daughters lived with her father -- their grandpa -- so that they could attend the better, safer school in his district. She and the girls were then trailed by detectives hired by the school to videotape where they really lived: A housing project. Ah ha!

Bringing this case, including the private eyes' fees, cost the district $6,000.

Still, that's less than the $30,000 the district says Williams-Bolar, a school aide, defrauded them of by letting her kids infiltrate their classrooms. After all, those lessons are paid for, in part, by local taxes and those taxes are only supposed to benefit local kids. So the authorities hauled Williams-Bolar into court where she was found guilty of a felony, sentenced to 10 days in jail, given 80 hours of community service, and told that she can forget about finishing up her teaching degree.

Obviously, what is needed is some sort of amnesty program for these illegals seeking a better education here in our country.

Does the word "Amnesty" rub you the wrong way? Well then, how about something like "Comprehensive Education Reform for those wanting to save their children from schools that suck"?

Go to the link for video and the rest of the story where you will see Big Education is not concerned at all with education but rather missing out on revenue.

The matter of our failing school systems, particularly those in the inner cities, is the civil rights issue of our time, yet where are our civil rights leaders?

Don't hold your breath waiting for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or the like to jet in and agitate on behalf of Williams-Bolar.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I think the quote is slightly incorrect-- she was sentenced to two years in jail, it's a suspended sentence.

She'll spend more time in jail than the ring of guys who stole several hundred car radios, including mine, as well as actually having to do her community service.

That's insane.

SarahB said...

I really wonder what else made them target HER so strongly...because this sort of thing is rampant. Just one of the saddest stories I've heard in a long time.

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