Monday, January 3, 2011

Video clip of the day

Via the Blaze, 4 and a half minutes of simultaneous lefty hand-wringing/cheerleading regarding the revolution of the underclass.

As we were watching this a few things crosssed our mind. Despite the breathless promotion of this clip (we've seen it on FaceBook two-three times now), isn't this what these Marxist always say? Aren't they always warning against/goading a revolution which can only be prevented by a revolution or something.

We're not saying the overall fiscal conditions of this state, our country and many countries in southern and northern Europe are not in dire circumstances but the solution to these coming "food stamp riots" always seems to be... more food stamps.

In watching this, something else with respect to public perception, at least that in the political class, struck us. Reality has set in over in Europe and when the government attempts to install even modest austerity measures, thousands of people take to the streets rioting and destroying the properties and businesses of the very people, the producers, who have made their heretofore Euro-lifestyles possible. They want their free lunch, dammit! And the reaction over here is a general shoulder-shrug. Yep, that's what those Euros do when faced with the prospect of having to work an extra couple of years. They riot.

Meanwhile, over here, a few hundred people gathering peaceably in public places throughout the country demanding No more free lunch! - well then, that's an entirely different story. It's a sign of the decline of the Republic. Fiscal responsibility and fidelity to the Constitution are now just dog-whistle terms for the bigots and racists out there.

And what has the political class clearly freaked-out by these amiable flag-wavers is that they don't riot but they sure do vote and what this past November will hopefully prove is that change can be effected via the ballot box. And if the new leadership can govern in a manner that leads to a robust economy while also reforming/revising the structural budget burdens faced both at the state and federal level, then that will do more to restore this nation's standing with other nations than any manner of speechifying.


steve said...

Hmm, Nearly every poll I have seen on the issue shows that Americans want to pay less in taxes, but also want more in services.


Dean said...

It has been said that we talk like Jeffersonians but wish to be goverened like Hamiltonians.

Let's see if we have the stomach for the necessary reforms.

I'm putting something together for Medicare Part D. Speaking of "stomach", it's time to see if Republicans have the stomach to repeal what they voted for (granting for turnover with the newbies).

Road Dawg said...

I'll pay for my own services.

The reason Americans want more in services is because we have had them before and more, and because of bloat, thievery and corruption, we get less. Why can't anyone see this? We spend more per capita and get less. Jeesh Steve, you're going to site a poll for this?

Americans are paying for socialism, but not getting the services we are paying for. This is not brain surgery.

When we were kids, there was funding for band, theatre arts, shop. Revenue is now higher per child, yet services diminished.

How about providing the services we had for the same revenue and quit asking for more?

steve said...

I am using polls to show that cutting spending will be difficult. Republicans have cut taxes, but they have not cut spending. I dont think they do this because they are evil or complete hypocrites. I think many really do want smaller government. But, they know that they risk not getting re-elected if they ever do cut spending in any significant manner. They look at those polls.

As far as I can tell, the whole Starve The Beast strategy was based on their hopes that it would be Democrats who would have to blink first and cut spending. This is a dumb game of chicken. We need one party that stands for fewer services AND lower taxes. Another party that stands for more services AND higher taxes. Then let the voters decide what they want. Let them decide if they are getting a good ROI. Both approaches are sustainable. What is not sustainable is just cutting taxes and not spending. Now that we finally need spending cuts, we will see if Republicans are willing.(Would have been nice if they did it in 2000-2006 when the economy was not in such bad straits.)