Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video clip of the day

Via The Scratching Post...

... Governor smack!

Scott Walker of Illinois runs some of it with respect to his neighbors to the south and their income redistribution scheme as the solution to digging themselves out of their self-induced fiscal hell.

As is the case with Texas, Arizona and Utah in regards to the state of California, Wisconsin is looking to raid Illinois.

Aren't border wars fun?

From KT:

All life is engaged in competition. We compete for mates, for jobs, for prizes and just about everything else. If you're good at something you get more rewards than if you're not. We compete at all levels - as individuals, as teams, as cities, as states and as nations.

Mates? Never having been given a fair chance with Christie Brinkley, this chaps our hide.

We're moving to Illinois!

P.S. Blogging will be light today as we will be running around doing errands and attending the rally at Mt. Soledad (scroll down for details).

Tune in tomorrow for a special Quickies edition.


Harrison said...

Escape to Wisconsin is the new series of ads trying to get people to move out of Illinois. I bet they will have some success.

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